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Hickory Saw and Tool has offered a full range of woodworking tool services since insert knives NC1983.

Our services include full band saw and saw blade repair services, shaper and router sharpening, boring head repair and the manufacture of templates and gauges for woodworking equipment.

We can provide free evaluations of your tools to insure that repairs are warranted and will provide a greater economic advantage over tool replacement. In addition, Hickory Saw and Tool can provide route service for customers within our service area.

Contact us at 1-800-762-9899 to find the service availability in your area.

Band Saw Service and Repair

Sharpen Moulder Feed Wheels

Router Bits - Sharpen & Retip

Shaper Cutters - Sharpen & Retip

Manufacture Plastic & Steel Templates for Grinding Cutting Tools

Manufacturer of Plastic & Steel Gauges

insert knives NC

Saw Blades

Hickory Saw and Tool services saws up to 36” in diameter.

Boring Head Repair

Points to Consider when considering repair of Boring Heads:
* If the bearing in your boring heads are worn, they can cause your boring equipment to use up to 25% more energy operation.
* If the spindles in your boring heads are not running concentric, they can cause premature drill breakage.
* If your boring heads are not drilling on correct centers, product integrity and profit margins are at risk. Repairing Boring Heads can save you money!
* Often Boring Heads can be repaired instead of replaced, at only a fraction of the cost. We will be happy to inspect your boring heads before you purchase new ones.
* If you are experiencing any of these problems, contact us for a free survey of all your boring heads and a complete report of the cost to repair or replace them.

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